Court 101

Q: What is the purpose of the Court?

The purpose of the Court is to raise funds for the Chicago and broader Illinois community while providing fun and entertaining events for the community. Our members not only help by raising funds, but also by volunteering time and person power to worthy projects. If there is a cause or an event that needs help, one is likely to find members of the Court pitching in and lending a hand.

Q: Who Is In Charge of The Organization?

We are governed by the dues paying members of the organization who elect the Board of Directors and the Monarchs.

The Board of Directors oversees all activities and financial and operational matters of the organization.

The reigning Monarchs are the public face of the organization and oversee all fund raising activities during their one year reign.

Q: How Will Funds Be Raised For These Projects?

The Court will sponsor a variety of fund raising events, including shows, theme parties, pageants, and dinners, just to name a few. At some events, an admission is charged, while at others we simply ask attendees to make whatever donation they can.

Q: Where Does The Money Go?

The Board of Directors designates the recipient(s) of the funds raised by the activities of the Court. The Monarchs of each reign may also designate specific charities or projects that they wish to support through the activities of the Court.

Q: What Is Coronation?

Coronation is the annual fund raising gala that benefits designated charities for the current reign. It celebrates the end of the reign for the current monarchs and the start of a new reign.

You do not have to be a member of the Court to attend Coronation. It is open to the public and everyone is encouraged to attend and support this event.

Courts from across the United States, Canada and Mexico travel to attend Adornments/Coronations in cities such as Chicago each year, and representatives of The Windy City Court will attend Adornments/Coronations in other cities in which Courts are located.