Our Monarchy

The monarchy plays a central role in our organization and how we present ourselves to the public.

Our monarchs serve for one year terms known as their "reign". During their reign, they chair the fundraising responsibilities of the organization. At the end of the year we celebrate their accomplishments while introducing the new monarchs at Coronation.

As new monarchs begin their reign, they kick it off with an event known as Investiture. This is where they announce those that will serve as part of their line.

Did You Know?

While we have been in operation for 18+ years, this is currently Empire Reign 15, because for the first 3 years, we were a barony, and not an empire.

Emperor to the 15th Empire Chewy Bones

"The What? I can’t hear you!, Your heaven to below hellhound, leather Scorpio Daddy pup, tapping puppy in a kilt, I solemnly swear I am up to no good. The Emerald Green and Black Diamond Pup, Canadian Traitor Emperor of the 15th Empire": Chewy Devereaux Richards Bones

I’ve been part of the court for 4 years. I was the guard dog when I started then went into Imperial Prince Royale and now Emperor. It was quite a crazy journey. Before that I was doing fundraisers with other friends out in the burbs of Chicago we raised money for suicide awareness, child abuse awareness, and more! With the court I had been there when they needed me to help from making CDs, sometimes posters, or just go perform or be there to raise money. It’s great to do so much good for people that are less fortunate especially in LGBTQ+ communities. I never had felt so much being part of a family till I joined Windy City Court. Even after my stepdown as Emperor I’m still be part of the court system and help next line as much as I can and still raise money for the community. I hope I see you at the next event!

Empress to the 15th Empire Kate Cullan

Empire 15 monarchs

Peerage of Monarchs

Baron 1, Emperor Emeritus
Dr. Earl Lewis

Baron 2
Steve "Mother" Nokes

Baron 3
Andy Szwiec

Emperor 1
David James

Emperor 2
David A. Graham Buckingham-Fontaine Graham

Emperor 3
- none

Emperor 4
David James

Emperor 5
Patrick Lucey

Emperor 6
- none

Emperor 7
Steve "Mother" Nokes
David A. Graham Buckingham-Fontaine

Emperor 8
Scott Turner

Emperor 9
Herman Coen

Emperor 10
- none

Emperor 11
Neil Douglas James

Emperor 12
- none

Emperor 13
Scott Turner

Emperor 14
Adam Lawrence

Baroness 1, Empress Emeritus
Rachael St. James

Baroness 2
Fabiola The Great (In Memoriam)

Baroness 3, Empress Emeritus
Sierra Montana (In Memoriam)

Empress 1
- none

Empress 2
Fabiola The Great Buckingham-Fontaine (In Memoriam)

Empress 3
Alexandra St. James

Empress 4
- none

Empress 5
Katerina Heights

Empress 6
D'Vita D'Ville Dumae

Empress 7
Alexandra St. James
Katerina Heights

Empress 8
Alexandra St. James

Empress 9
- none

Empress 10
- none

Empress 11
- none

Empress 12
Diamond Richards Devereaux Yaki

Empress 13
D'Vita D'Ville Dumae

Empress 14
Katerina Heights